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We are the brand and you are dealing direct because we are also the retailer. Throughout Georgia, CF Dominicana cigars are imported from the Dominican Republic with true Dominican filler

SoHo box of Dominican cigars from CF Dominicana
Dominican cigars for Atlanta cigar events
Tribeca box of 7 inch cigars from CF Dominicana

Atlanta cigar events feature CF Dominicana Cigars. Cigar Roller events, custom cigar bands and other novelties like cigar servers are all brought together with a public relations agenda to have more cigar lovers experience our brand. This is how CF Dominicana has created and grew a cult following since 2006.

Atlanta was one of the first 5 cities to launch the brand into the cigar world.


Each Atlanta, Savannah area wedding and golf outing can have any model cigar they choose. Also, we offer other brands like Montecristo, Macanudo to enhance the variety for your cigar loving guests.


Different model cigars are also popular for golf outings and your cigar roller can provide them on request for your guests.